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Learn To Play

The ‘Learn to Play Program’ encourages the value of engaging in pretend play. Students attend the program once a week in the “Rainbow Room” where they are able to engage in play scenarios, interact with their classmates and use their imaginative skills.

Students watch videos of adults playing and are then encouraged to construct their own stories in play. Students are able to select from a choice of four play activities and play alongside their peers with the support of a teacher or aide. At the end, students return back to the group to discuss what they played. A reporter is selected each week. Their role is to talk about the play and asks their peers which activity they enjoyed.

It has been great to see students build their creativity and sequence their ideas and actions through play. The occupation of play supports the development of children’s language, social skills, cognition, problem-solving and literacy. It’s always lots of fun in the Rainbow Room!

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