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Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC)

The Senior Secondary program at Ascot Vale Heights School strives to empower students, and build confidence as they head into their final years of school and beyond. We offer Year 11 and 12 the VPC program, which provides students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to make informed choices about pathways to work and further education. Students are provided with opportunities to explore independent travel, work experience, VET, TAFE taster days, mock job interviews, resume construction and more.

The curriculum underscores the significance of social and emotional well-being, integrating dedicated sessions to nurture these aspects. Students engage in discussions and activities centred on well-being, fostering skills in goal setting, cultivating respectful relationships, and understanding consent dynamics. These sessions also equip students with essential life skills, preparing them for the responsibilities accompanying adulthood, such as turning 18, transitioning from home, and embarking on the journey of employment. By emphasising personal development alongside academic achievements, the curriculum strives to produce well-rounded individuals poised for success in both their personal and professional lives.

Community and Life Skills Program – Applied Learning

In 2024 Senior Secondary offers students the opportunity to access our Community and Life Skills Program, which is a tailored approach to applied learning.  This program is a valuable initiative designed to develop and recognise students’ personal, social, and employability skills. It provides a structured framework for students to engage in various activities such as café, travel education, social learning, and laundry. These enhance their problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and communication skills. This program not only complements traditional academic subjects but also instils practical skills that are essential for life beyond school.

Victorian Pathways Certificate – VPC

The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) is a hands-on option for students in Year 11 and 12 at Ascot Vale Heights School (AVHS). Similar to VCE, and VCE Vocation Major, the VPC is a recognised senior secondary qualification that focusses on hand-on learning. The VPC is designed for students who study the VPC are not able or ready to undertake the VCE or the VCE Vocational Major and are more likely to enrol in TAFE. It provides an enriched curriculum and excellent support for students to develop the skills, capabilities, and qualities for success in personal and civic life. The VPC will be delivered over two years.

The principles underpinning the VPC are:

–             Newly accredited pathway for secondary students

–             Tailoring a program to suit students’ interests

–             Personal development

–             Development of work related and industry specific skills

There are four core subjects within the VPC:

–             Numeracy

–             Literacy

–             Personal Development Skills

–             Work-Related Skills

–             Plus a VET module

There will be overlap between our curriculums, to further challenge our learners. Adaptive and applied learning projects include fundraising, student leadership, running a café, canteen, excursion planning and constructing a pizza oven.


    Vocational Education and Training (VET)

    Vocational Education and Training (VET) is designed to expand opportunities and pathways for senior secondary students and improve educational outcomes in line with the Victorian Government’s objective to increase the number of young people completing Year 10/11/12 or equivalent.

    VET provides a vocationally oriented program of studies leading to a senior secondary certificate. These programs are typically delivered through a partnership between schools, industry and Registered Training Organisations. They often include opportunities for students to participate in paid employment and or structured workplace learning.

    • Provide a nationally recognised qualification in a specific industry, or provide credit towards one
    • Contribute towards the completion of your VCE, VCE Vocational Major or VPC
    • Give you the option to study through a paid school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

    Work Experience

    Year 11 and 12 students are provided the opportunity to explore work experience. Work experience provides young people with an understanding of the work environment and what employers expect, and an opportunity to explore possible career options. It increases understanding of self, grows maturity, confidence and independence. Whilst the school will endeavour to find work experience options for students, we encourage families to explore and contact businesses in their local neighbourhood for further options. Many thanks to Lombards – Moonee Ponds, Ladybird Organise and Punt Hill Apartments for supporting our students.


       Transition and Pathways Planning

      Transition and Pathways Planning in the Senior Secondary School is a process that involves intensive collaboration between school, parents/carers and community service providers. When transitioning students into the next phase of their education and adult life parents/carers as well as the student must be presented with several appropriate options and are empowered throughout the process.

      Students have numerous pathways to select from when they leave school. These are discussed with families, with information sessions and tours of post-school option facilities organised for families throughout the year. Post-school options include:

      • Further education and training (TAFE)
      • School Leavers Employment Service programs (SLES)
      • Open market employment with support from a Disability Employment Service (DES)
      • Employment with an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)
      • Life learning and leisure programs
      • Individualised 1:1 support program
      • Transition is achieved through the following support and programs:
      • Individualised career support
      • Secondary School programs (Year 10-12) – VPC, Community Access Applied Learning, VET, Post School Connections, Learning partnerships with external service providers
      • Work placement / work experience programs
      • Post School Options Transitioning Programs
      • Links with Employment Services and Community Support Networks
      • Career Action Plans

      National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support is crucial in planning for transition and pathways. It is highly recommended that students are registered for support through the NDIS, as funding can assist with post-school placements.

      If you require any further information about Transitions and Pathways planning please contact the Senior School Leader at the school.    


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