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Home Learning Resources for Parents

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Fuse – Early Childhood Learning From home material (posted 24/04/2020)

ABC TV Education (posted 24/04/2020)

Fuse – Fun at Home (posted 24/04/2020)

moneysmart.gov.au teaching resources (posted 24/04/2020)

My Lockdown Diary (posted 11/04/2020)     A diary you can download and print. Keep a record of what went on with 4 weeks of activities and daily prompts.

Home Learning Resource     (ASEPA, http://asepa.edu.au has partnered with nasen (National Association for Special Educational Needs UK) to collate free global resources for schools and families to support the ongoing learning of students with complex needs and SEN. Thanks go out to Professor Adam Boddison (nasen) and Dr Fiona Forbes Board Chair (ASEPA). Please visit Http://www.asepa.edu.au to access this evolving and growing resource.)

Preparing for School Closure

How to prepare for a school closure – Community Guide (posted 23/03/2020)

How to prepare for a school closure – Student Checklist (posted 23/03/2020)

How to prepare for a school closure – School Leader Guide (posted 23/03/2020)

How to prepare for a school closure – Teacher Guide (posted 23/03/2020)

Port Phillip Special School – Specialist class ideas

PPSS Art At PPSS during Term 2 for you at home in 2020 (posted 23/03/2020)

PPSS Dance Resource pack for Parents to use at home (posted 23/03/2020)

PPSS Drama Student Pack (posted 23/03/2020)

PPSS – Have fun with music at home 2020 (posted 23/03/2020)

Coronavirus – Resources for Special Schools

Helping Children (posted 23/03/2020)

Coronavirus Book (posted 23/03/2020)

Pandemic Panic Pack (posted 23/03/2020)

Coronavirus Social Story (posted 23/03/2020)

What is the Coronavirus? (posted 23/03/2020)   The Autism Educator

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