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Digital Technologies in the Classroom


The school has an established 1:1 iPad program for our staff and students which provides a learning platform that both engages and stimulates our students to learn.

The iPad is integrated into teaching and learning and supports students to achieve improved learning outcomes in English, Mathematics and Science. It is an extremely intuitive, accessible and inclusive device, which provides opportunities for learning that were not previously possible with a pen and paper.

Instructional experiences are being enhanced across a broad curriculum by applications that create many opportunities to modify and redefine learning such as One Note, iMovie, Book Creator, Minecraft, Bitsboard, Pic Collage, Osmo, Doodle Buddy and AVAZ.

The iPad provides an engaging, personalised platform for students to engage, learn, create, collaborate, communicate and connect with others via safe social media applications.

The Seesaw digital platform has been implemented across the school to empower students to independently document their learning with built-in creative tools, and provides an authentic audience for their work.

Seesaw has also given our families an immediate and personalised window into their child’s school day and makes communication with teachers seamless.


‘Digitech’ is now being taught throughout the whole school curriculum and is absolutely wonderful to engage students in their learning. We have a scaffolded program that builds on student’s skills at each year level, with a particular emphasis on coding. Our students have access to some amazing robotic (i.e. Dot & Dash, Sphero,Lego, BeeBot & ProBot) and other digital learning tools (i.e. Minecraft Education Edition, Osmo, Makey Makey) to capture their imaginations and develop their creativity.

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