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Allied Health

The Allied Health team works collaboratively with leadership, teaching and support staff to create a positive and happy environment to engage, inspire and encourage our students in their learning and support them to optimise their school experience. Our team is comprised of an Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and a Social Worker.

The Social Worker is engaged under the Mental Health Practitioner initiaitve providing service information to parents and carers.  The Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist work consultatively throughout the school, working in classrooms and on a referral and priority needs basis. They provide recommendations in consultation with classroom staff to address areas of concern including:

  • Supporting student’ sensory processing needs within the school environment through activities, environmental adaptations and implementation of self-regulation frameworks like the Zones of Regulation.
  • Supporting students’ communication needs. At Ascot Vale Heights School this is supported through the use of Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices. Our choice of device is the AVAZ APP. This APP is an electronic version of picture exchange cards.
  • Support with development of literacy, play and social skills.
  • Support and development of students’ fine motor abilities for improved writing, drawing and communication access.
  • Support for age appropriate social skill development and activities.
  • Support to develop and adapt activities of daily living, such as dressing, toileting, and eating for improved independence in the school environment. 



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