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The science program at AVHS is designed to cater for students in primary and secondary levels. Each student participates in a weekly science class. The Victorian Curriculum is used as a guide for planning and students are involved in predicting, observing, and participating in science experiments.

The program covers the four strands of the Victorian Science Curriculum: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Chemical Sciences. The program is designed to support students’ understanding of key concepts and ideas from these strands, as well as support skills in inquiry.

Students are encouraged to actively participate in science experiments and investigations. They are supported to make predictions and observe what happens in experiments. Students are also supported to communicate their predictions and observations in class discussions, written reports and drawings. They work individually and collaboratively on science experiments.

Students bring an inquisitive mind and show enthusiasm in their science classes. Our science lessons provide opportunities for students to explore objects and materials in their world. Students always look forward to fun and sometimes messy science experiments! They are excited to discover new ideas and enjoy sharing these with their classmates and teachers. Our science lessons are full of opportunities for students to be creative by building models and displays of their ideas and what they have found.

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