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Music and Performing Arts

The Music and Performing Arts program at Ascot Vale Heights School is an integrated program offered as a specialist area for Music and with Performing Arts opportunities being offered within our normal classroom practice, such as Readers Theatre and Assembly/Special Event performances. These programs offer all students from Prep to Year 10 the opportunity to explore music, dance and drama. Each student’s individual interests and learning needs are considered to help all develop a love of music and movement.

Primary school classes are given the opportunity to develop fundamental motor and social skills as well as an understanding of the basic elements of music and movement. Students participate in a range of learning activities that range from choreographed dance and movement within PE and classrooms to vocal exploration and developing their own creative style. Percussion instruments, drumbeat, toys and other sensory items are incorporated to encourage students and build confidence.


Secondary school students build on these skills to explore their own interests, abilities and creative style. Familiar music, such as popular songs and film soundtracks, are used as a path to exploring musical elements, acting out different characters, developing informed observations and exploring other styles.  Choreographed dance routines to well-known music are used to develop confidence in movement and enjoy physical exercise, while extra activities such as musical instrument making and a lunchtime singing club are also offered to those interested. Students are encouraged to develop their own musical opinions and pursue their own interests to promote a lifelong enjoyment of Music and the Performing Arts.




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