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Ascot Vale Heights School offers ASDAN to year 11 and 12 students as an alternative to the VET program.

ASDAN aims to:

  • present a framework of activities through which independent living, personal, social and work-related skills can be developed and accredited
  • provide a flexible program that can meet the needs of a wide ability range
  • offer formal recognition for small steps in achievement towards a larger goal
  • provide an opportunity to access the Progress File process by recording achievements in a portfolio of evidence
  • offer a framework for progression towards international qualifications

ASDAN blends activity-based hands on curriculum enrichment, supported by eLearning with a framework for the development, assessment and accreditation of skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. Programs and activities are designed to enable students to learn in a variety of settings and contexts, both at school and in the local community.

Ascot Vale Heights School is registered to deliver the ‘Towards Independence Program’. This program comprises of a series of modules that can be undertaken separately and built into a profile of achievement. The initial mandatory module, Starting Out, provides an opportunity for learners to recognise their achievements and identify learning challenges for the future.

Ascot Vale Heights School also deliver the following ASDAN modules:

  • Developing Communication Skills: Introduction –
    Explores speaking and listening, reading and writing topics.
  • Developing Numeracy Skills: Introduction
    Explores units in measurement, shape and space, position pattern and sorting, time and handling data.
  • Developing Numeracy Skills: Progression
    Explores units in measurement, shape and space, position pattern and sorting, time and handling data.
  • Work Awareness
    Explores the working world, different workplaces and health and safety at work.

ASDAN students will also have the opportunity to engage in the following integrated programs at Ascot Vale Heights School. 

  • Personal Development program
  • Careers Curriculum
  • Work Experience
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Education





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