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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

School-wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is an internationally recognised approach with an extensive evidence base that is shown to improve behavioural, wellbeing, and academic outcomes for children and young people.

It focuses on teaching and reinforcing positive behaviours while providing targeted assistance to students who may need extra support, leading to a more successful and inclusive learning community. When implemented well, it ensures that all students receive support to maximise behavioural, wellbeing and academic growth.

SWPBS is a way to create positive, predictable, equitable and safe learning environments where everyone thrives.

Focusing on a systems-change approach, SWPBS is designed to meet the unique behavioural needs of each school and every student.

Key components of SWPBS at AVHS are:

  • A common approach 
  • Consistency of language
  • A matrix of positively stated expectations 
  • Explicit teaching of expectations 
  • Regular and frequent opportunities to practice expected behaviours 


To support expected behaviours, AVHS has developed a SWPBS Behaviour Matrix. The matrix clearly states the behaviours we expect of students in all settings across the school. The behaviour expectations are aligned to specific skills within each Behaviour Value Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Curious.

Our Matrix is a dynamic document that is continuously reviewed and changes made in accordance with the current practice at Ascot Vale Heights School.




Tier 2: Targeted support

AVHS has co-created Tier 1 universal management strategies designed to meet the needs of all students and develop a common language and focus for all school staff, families and community members. Universal or Tier 1 strategies are designed to be implemented consistently and efficiently across all school settings, classroom and non-classroom, e.g. toilets or hallways. This includes teaching specific behaviours or social skills that will lead to success in school, providing frequent positive reinforcement for expected behaviour, consistently addressing social errors, and arranging teaching and learning environments to ensure success for all.


Tier 2: Targeted support

Tier 2 or individualised support is developed to provide more specialised and intensive supports.


Tier 3: Individualised support

Tier 3 is an intensive system developed to provide highly specialised and targeted practices and systems of support

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